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Branding is more than just logos - in fact it's a fairly complex study of the message that your business portrays from every public facing aspect, such as your language, logo varieties, colour scheme, font choice and even the type of imagery that you use. Of course, logos and typesetting of the logotype are a huge part of this, and we specialise in the creation of these designs. Starting with a loose study of sketches, through to the finished vector art, we make sure you have everything you need to represent yourself on the public stage.


Brightstuff Media Website

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Brightstuff approached us with a brief to create a quick and easy to manage video gallery site for their new tv and film production studio. With a range of music videos and other productions already to their name, they wanted something they could easily share with prospective clients and show off their talents.

First... a logo

Before anything could be done with the website, Brightstuff needed an identity, and so we started with some sketches for their approval, and quickly moved it on to the final design

Embedded Vimeo Player Gallery

Once that's done, we incorporated into the design a home page video gallery, which when you click on the thumbnail, Vimeo is embedded into a lightbox view. This means you don't need to leave the homepage, and can simply share and like the links directly from the window!


Socially Active

Finally, to allow more integration with their social media outlets, and the burgeoning twitter attention they're already receiving, we added their feed to the bottom of the site. This keeps their main page looking updated, and fresh at all times with their latest news, and encourages others to join their network of fans. We can integrate facebook, twitter, linkedin, flickr, google+1 and many, many more social sharing devices into your site too, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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