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Branding is more than just logos - in fact it's a fairly complex study of the message that your business portrays from every public facing aspect, such as your language, logo varieties, colour scheme, font choice and even the type of imagery that you use. Of course, logos and typesetting of the logotype are a huge part of this, and we specialise in the creation of these designs. Starting with a loose study of sketches, through to the finished vector art, we make sure you have everything you need to represent yourself on the public stage.


Yacht Island Design

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G-Graphic worked last year on Yacht Island Design - a company aiming to produce the world's first themed 'Yacht-Islands' - super-yachts with a theme! We were asked to develop their logo and brand, as well as create them a website.

Initial Branding Sketches

Most branding projects begin life with research, and then some sketching to gather ideas for the likely logos. We ask the client to review these, and then develop the first set of logo designs from those.

Brand Sheet

The logo has to be tested on alternate colour backgrounds and in various capacities to ensure it is robust enough for the client to use anywhere, large or small, black or white. We present this information in the form of a branding sheet, which will often detail any colour information also.

Final Logo Design

The final logo is sent to the client for sign-off. Branding projects are often followed with a branding document, which determines everything from the correct usage of typefaces and logos, the minimum size, the exact colour breakdowns etc.

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