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Email marketing can be used on a monthly basis to improve your web traffic, get more subscribers travelling through your social networks, and generally spread the word about your business to your clients and beyond. And we have our very own web app for creating your own newsletters, with monthly and per campaign pricing plans to suit every need. Check out G-Graphic E-Markets.


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G-Graphic has its own managed e-marketing system, which helps you send e-mail campaigns, track the responses from all recipients and manage subscriber lists. Including unsubscribes, online views, extensive reporting on spam keywords, and exactly how the campaign will look on the screen of just about any email client software.

Build your own great looking email campaigns

You can have g-graphic create you an e-newsletter template like this one we made for Eloqui in 2010, and then edit them yourself, have us create new templates for you, or a combination of the two. Emails are a snap, and they will be designed to be read perfectly in almost all email clients.

Extensive Reporting & Response Tracking

G-Graphic's Create&Send system will also report on the response from your readership - including how and when they opened them, where they were, and what they clicked when they did! There's even a real-time World View of responses you can watch once your campaign is sent.

Design & Spam Testing

The system runs extensive tests on your campaigns so as to ensure it will be read correctly in different browsers and email clients.

Take A Tour

We can arrange for you to take a tour of the e-markets system for free, to test out its capabilities. Then when you're ready, if you want to make your own campaigns, you can simply login to the easily memorised address, and start creating! There are per campaign fee structures, as well as unlimited monthly ones where you can keep sending email to your heart's content, for the same monthly fee!

Find Out More!

Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have us arrange a walkthrough of the system, and your own login to have a tinker.

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