Illustration is the process of creating a suitable graphic for the required purpose: whether it be a digital painting, vector drawing, or photo-montage. We use digital techniques to do this, and sometimes even feed in traditional media to add extra depth. Often we'll crack out the graphics tablet or felt tips, scissors, glue and charcoal, sketch out some ideas that work and use them all create something uniquely hand-made for your project.


Bertie Bulb, Recolight

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One of our illustration projects last year was for Recolight, one of our longest-standing and favourite clients. We came up with an idea for them of an 'avatar', which could represent their older mascot character in advertising and in social media. Bertie Bulb!

Initial Sketches

Recolight are the UK's largest lamp recycler for long-life CFLs and GDLs. Their consumer avatar/mascot is called Bertie Bulb, and we decided to create an illustrated version of him for advertising. Our illustrator Tom fleshed out the sketches first of all to present to the client, which they loved, and we moved it on to the final vector stages.

Final Graphic

Bertie Bulb, Recolight's Consumer Avatar

The final design features Bertie emerging from within Recolight's device mark and familiar branding, with the recycling message. The illustration was used extensively throughout the consumer website and in numerous collateral projects. There is potential for this avatar to be advanced in to animated projects in the future, and we have various projects planned to help promote consumer lamp recycling with Bertie this year.

Illustration Wall