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We've been designing magazines for years, as well as promotional brochures, corporate annual reviews and just about any other type of many-paged document. We currently design monthly, quarterly and bi-annual publications, and yearly corporate sales brochures for many of our clients.

Oh, and Christmas Cards.


General Electric & G-Graphic

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We are pleased to announce that last year we won the commission to design General Electric's internal staff publication, along with our clients and partners: APCO Worldwide, London.

The magazine is an internal staff newsletter/brochure, 32 page document, with a 4 page pullout section about the Olympic Park development, and GE's involvement in the Games in London 2012.

Here's a quick preview shot of some of its spreads! We are extremely proud to be working with one of the world's largest companies, and look forward to the next issues!

General Electric & G-Graphic

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