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We use Joomla! and Wordpress CMS to deploy quick but highly functional and versatile sites, such as our own. We generally approach web design in the same way we do print design - to make it look great first and foremost, and make it work equally as well for you. The open-source CMS is so flexible, it is possible to completely train our clients in its use, or maintain it on their behalf. Combined with our e-marketing and PR services, we can truly expand and improve your online presence.


Batch Brewery

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We are currently building a Joomla! site for new brewers: Batch Brewery. The brief is for a complete branding project, preceding the eventual launch of the site. It needs to be contemporary, fun and engaging to a younger demographic than might normally be expected from beer/ale producers.

The site will be live towards the end of January. We are also working on branding for Batch, which is covered in the logo design/branding section of the site.

Here are some previews of the functionality Batch can expect from G-Graphic/Joomla! deployed sites:


Javascript menus

CSS3 features

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