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BBC Digital Retouching & Design

Categories // Main News, Graphic Design


G-Graphic have for the last few months been working with London-based press and picture publicity agency Astrid, on promotion and preparing press materials for several BBC shows, recently aired and airing soon. These include Hustle, Spooks' final series, and Death In Paradise on BBC1, as well as Lip Service which we're currently working on and is yet to air on BBC3.

Hustle Key Image for BBC/Kudos

The new series of Hustle required a generic image to be created, used to promote the show across a variety of media, including magazines, and the weekly newspaper publications.

We determined the general look of the generic from previous series' creatives and from a specific brief given to us by our clients. A theme of money was proposed, alluding to the content of the show, but that was subtle enough as not to detract from the main subject matter - the cast themselves. We wanted to make the cast dramatic, and extracted the shots from studio lit images to place in the generic.

This one actually features some hundreds of layers of painting, shadowing, skin retouching, colouring, masking techniques, and lighting to create the final piece out of raw studio shots, combined with a few photographs we took ourselves in our studio.

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