Award Winning Magazine - GE IMAGINE

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GE Magazine 'IMAGINE', designed by G-Graphic and Copywritten, Edited by APCO Worldwide, won two awards in its first year, scooping an EMEA Silver Sabre Award for Best Internal Publication in May, and a European Excellence Award in December. This is issue 5, and our brand new digital edition.


Bertie Bulb, Recolight

Categories // Illustration

One of our illustration projects last year was for Recolight, one of our longest-standing and favourite clients. We came up with an idea for them of an 'avatar', which could represent their older mascot character in advertising and in social media. Bertie Bulb!


E-Markets - Email News

Categories // Email Marketing

G-Graphic has its own managed e-marketing system, which helps you send e-mail campaigns, track the responses from all recipients and manage subscriber lists. Including unsubscribes, online views, extensive reporting on spam keywords, and exactly how the campaign will look on the screen of just about any email client software.


Pepsi Photography | Big Chill

Categories // Photography

In the Summer of 2011, we were commissioned by Syncapse to take photos for Pepsi Max at The Big Chill Festival. You can see some of the photos below!


New Site Launched Today!

Categories // Illustration, Graphic Design, Web Design

Our new site incorporates open-source CMS technology that we also use to deploy all of our clients' sites too; with search engine optimisation techniques such as meta-tagging our stories, allowing comments, links and instant sharing via social media. Have a look around at the features, and let us know if you would like your own!


Yacht Island Design

Categories // Brand Design & Logos

G-Graphic worked last year on Yacht Island Design - a company aiming to produce the world's first themed 'Yacht-Islands' - super-yachts with a theme! We were asked to develop their logo and brand, as well as create them a website.


Batch Brewery

Categories // Graphic Design, Web Design, Brand Design & Logos

We are currently building a Joomla! site for new brewers: Batch Brewery. The brief is for a complete branding project, preceding the eventual launch of the site. It needs to be contemporary, fun and engaging to a younger demographic than might normally be expected from beer/ale producers.


New Photography Studio

Categories // Photography

We now have a photography studio on site to cater for our own shoots. It's a small and compact little studio kitted out with everything we need to shoot our clients' products, and head shots, and then carry out the retouches and post-production after.